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Photo of butterflies in the Wallace exhibit

A hidden gem of an exhibit at the nature center

The Iowa Great Lakes area has many antique stores, consignment shops, secondhand retailers. We go inside looking for discounts on needed items or the thrilling hunt for something we didn’t know we needed. Okoboji native Bob Heggestad was on a hunt in Arlington, VA, in the late 1970s when he spotted a beautiful rosewood cabinet.…

Photo of a honeybee on a flower

It’s time to think about spring planting

Bring back the bees. Bring back the butterflies. With pollinator populations dropping drastically in recent years, the push to bring them back has spread. But how do we do that? One of the best ways is to plant native flowers and grasses in our landscaping, providing pollinator habitat and food sources. Native plantings also offer…

Photo of a bee finger puppet

Five bee myths and truths

Myth: Bees are mean. Truth: Bee are nice. Honeybees only sting as a last resort, because they die after stinging. That means, unless they feel threatened or think you are going to hurt the hive, they will leave you alone. Myth: Bees will keep stinging you. Truth: As stated above, honeybees will die after stinging…