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Free field day precedes Prairie Lakes Conference

Jared Herbert and his wife, Mary, began implementing conservation practices on their Lake Park farm in the 1990s. “It’s the right thing to do as far as conservation ethics,” Herbert said. “It eliminates erosion from wind and water. It frees up your labor. I was really getting tired working all the time, and it cuts…

Photo of sculpture exhibit

Bill Lieb’s exhibit connects sculpture to nature


Photo of purple spiderwort plant

Landscaping that makes a difference for our lakes

A plant that improves soil health, filters water, is drought-resistant, doesn’t need fertilizer and requires little, if any, pesticide use — sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, these plants do exist. They’re native plants, from milkweed and spiderwort to wild bergamot and blazing star. Come to the Dickinson County Nature Center 11 a.m.…