The Horseshoe Bend tubing hill is not yet open for the season. There are still not the right conditions at Horseshoe Bend to operate the tube hill and tow rope. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and will post when conditions allow us to open!

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Photo of the Westport Schoolhouse with new wood shingles

Kenue Park celebrates 28th birthday this year

“The Dickinson County Conservation Board has done it again. “They have taken a major recreation step in the Iowa Great Lakes, not unlike the creation a number of years ago of a winter recreation park called Horseshoe Bend, southwest of Milford. “This time, they have all the bases covered, with the new park providing spring,…

Two trumpeter swans and a goose on a partially frozen wetland

Swans standing like flamingoes

I turned on the live web camera at the nature center last week and zoomed in on the two rehabilitated trumpeter swans on the wetland. The weather was warm, and it appeared the waterfowl were having a ball in the springtime temperatures. They dipped their necks down into the water and then bent them back…

Two trumpeter swans and a goose on a partially frozen wetland

Watch the swans on our live web camera

As waterfowl migrate through the area, many are finding the wetland in Kenue Park an enticing place to stop. You can watch the ducks, geese and swans as they go about their daily routines thanks to the Dickinson County Nature Center’s live web camera. A new, high-resolution camera was installed at the Dickinson County Nature…