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Photo of Bryanna Kuhlman

Welcome environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman

“We were messy little critters.” Environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman’s memories of her childhood spent outdoors in Menomonie, WI, have shaped her into who she is today. “We had forts in trees; we would catch frogs in retention ponds,” Kuhlman said. “I had my red bucket full of worms.” She and her sister would race…

Photo of birds at feeder

Iowa Great Lakes migration is on!

Pasque flowers blooming, frogs croaking, songbirds singing — signs of spring are all around us. It’s pretty obvious when waterfowl start to migrate throughout the Iowa Great Lakes area as our lakes, sloughs and wetlands are jam-packed with common migrants such as bufflehead, the common merganser and the greater white-fronted goose. On the shores you might…

Photo of butterfly milkweed root drawing

How deep do they go?

Did you know that butterfly milkweed’s roots grow up to 12 feet deep, about the height of an African elephant? We look at prairie plants and can hardly imagine the amazing root systems that are growing beneath our feet. Those roots help to draw water down into the watershed, which cleans it before it enters…