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Photo of fake snowflake on window

A twist on the classic snowflake craft

Ugh. That’s what many of us think when we look outside at this time of year. It’s long enough into winter that we’re all tired of the cold, but not far enough into winter that we have hope of spring around the corner. This is the time of year we have to be intentional about…

Photo of a turtle by a fake tree

Teddy the turtle looks for a friend

There once was a box turtle named Teddy, who was looking for a friend.   He walked to the wetland but couldn’t find anyone there.   He walked to the prairie but couldn’t find anyone there either.   He walked through the forest.   He even went to a campsite to look for a friend.…

Photo of leaving making a heart in the snow

Take the kids outside for a shape walk

The sun is finally shining, and the ice is melting. It’s a beautiful day to get outside. But what to do, what to do? Why not take the kids on a shape walk? Challenge your tots, or your older children, to use their observational skills and see how many shapes they can find in nature.…