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Photo of a colored D page for dragonfly

Simple nature alphabet activity

A child saw that the alphabet on the wall at Westport Schoolhouse only went from A-J. “Did the alphabet only have that many letters back then?” she asked. The volunteer laughed and answered that the rest of the letters were just not put up, but we didn’t want to confuse children further, so the rest of…

Photo of a full moon

Join the Firefly Frenzy

Did you know that female fireflies can’t fly? How about that a lightning bug controls its blink by regulating the flow of oxygen to its abdomen, turning the light on and off? Dickinson County environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman and naturalist Ashley Hansen are excited to share even more fun facts about fireflies and other…

Photo of a plains pocket gopher

7 ugly mammals in Iowa

Iowa is full of adorable mammals, so many that’s its hard to choose which are the cutest, but the state also has so uggos. Our environmental education coordinator likes to call these mammals non-charismatic, because ugly tends to turn people off. Although perhaps not the most attractive, the following mammals do still have a important…