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Our Parks

Support an Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation project that will eventually come under the management of the Dickinson County Conservation Board. Click here to learn more.


Kenue Park

2251 170th St., Okoboji

Home of the Dickinson County Nature Center, Pollinator Paradise, Westport Schoolhouse and the Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course, this almost 70-acre area is unique because of its oak savanna. The park also features meadows and a glacial kame that offers a spectacular overlook of the surrounding area. Kenue Park accommodates picnics and has walking trails and modern restrooms.

Learn about the history of Kenue Park and see a short video here.


Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area

1924 240th St., Milford

This 180 acres of preserved land offers an extensive trail system winding through the river valley of the Little Sioux River, as well as upland forest, meadows, marshes and oxbow ponds. These diverse habitats are host to a number of creatures including deer, beaver, woodpeckers, songbirds and raptors. Facilities include a warming shelter with a spectacular river valley outlook, a playground, wildlife viewing blind, aesthetic footbridge spanning the river, modern bathroom facilities, 12 camping sites and a picnic area.

Other opportunities include hunting, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding and geocaching. Read about the history of Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area and see a short video here.

For information on renting the enclosed shelter or the open shelter, call 712-338-4786.


Judd Wildlife Area

1987 250th St., Milford

Located along the Little Sioux River, this 236-acre wildlife area includes open meadows and a winding prairie stream with a softwood forest along the river’s edge. The area is home to a variety of mammals, birds and other vertebrates. Recreational opportunities include hunting, fishing and canoeing.

Read more about the history of the park and see a short video here.

orleans beach

Ainsworth-Orleans Beach

25040 140th St., Spirit Lake

Bordering the Big Spirit Lake spillway and across from the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery, this two-acre park offers a long sand beach, boat ramp, dock, restroom facilities and a playground.

Read a history of the area and see a short video here.


Westport Park

1175 230th St., Everly

This 10-acre county gravel pit has been converted into a fishing pond with a dock and picnic area. Small stands of ancient cottonwoods show evidence of active beavers along with other aquatic plant and animal life. This pond once produced a state record bass.

Learn more about the history of the park and see a short video here.


Spring Run Shooting Range

1776 272nd Ave., Spirit Lake

Spring Run has multiple targets at different distances. The five-acre range is suitable for recreational and hunting firearms. A renovation of the range is planned for 2016.

Please make a donation to the Spring Run renovation by sending a check to Dickinson County Conservation, 2279 170th St., Okoboji, IA 51355. Thank you in advance!


Superior Marsh Wildlife Area

3380 130th St., Superior

This 40-acre area offers a fine example of marsh and upland habitat. Opportunities for wildlife viewing and hunting are available.

Learn more about the history of the park and see a short video here.


Little Sioux Savanna

2218 195th Ave., Milford

Enjoy a beautiful scenic overlook of the Little Sioux River, hike through an oak savanna and check multiple species off your birding list. This area is also open for public hunting.

Find out more about this park here.

Photo of fall trees along a paved road

Little Foote Forest

2215 195th Ave., Milford

This beautiful forest parcel is conveniently located just south of County Road A34 on 195th Avenue and offers overlooks of the Little Sioux River.

Photo of Milford Creek

Pioneer Park Nature Preserve

2317 225th Ave., Milford

Visit this 35-acre park is situated on Milford Creek and is a great place to go fishing, birdwatching and walking. It was once the home of a gristmill that helped start the town of Milford, and you can stand on the site of that mill today.

Photo of the Little Sioux River

Jahn Wildlife Area

Off 160th Avenue, north of 170th Street in Lake Park

This 110.75-acre area is managed by the Dickinson County Conservation Board for wildlife habitat, public access to hunting and fishing, nature viewing, trail hiking and non-motorized boating on the Little Sioux River.


Canoe Accesses

Spooky Hollow: 1823 210th St., Milford

Twin Forks: 1633 170th Ave., Spirit Lake

Judd Wildlife Area: 1987 250th St., Milford

Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area: 2372 190th Ave., Milford

Each of these accesses allow public fishing.

Photo of Westport Schoolhouse interior

Westport Schoolhouse

2251 170th St., Okoboji

This historic country school is open to visitors the second Tuesday of June through the first Friday in September each year. Stop inside 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday to learn about what school was like in the early 1900s: Sit in a desk, write on a slate, say the Pledge of Allegiance and even ring the school bell for all to hear.

Photo of a monarch waystation sign in front of a garden

Pollinator Paradise

2279 170th St., Okoboji

Inside, monarch caterpillars are reared until their metamorphosis, and then the adult butterflies are released into the wild. Also explore exhibits on butterflies, bees and native plantings, then step outside to see examples of native plants that you can put in your own garden. Pollinator Paradise is open the second Tuesday of June through the first Friday in September each year. Stop by 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.


Abbie Gardner Cabin

74 Monument Drive, Arnolds Park

The Dickinson County Conservation Board staffs the Abbie Gardner Cabin in an agreement with the Iowa State Historical Society. Open Memorial Day-Labor Day, visitors can learn about the Spirit Lake Massacre and the events leading up to and following this tragedy. The cabin and museum are open noon-4 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday.