Dickinson County

Nature Center

The Dickinson County Nature Center is open year-round and is a mecca for environmental learning and fun. There is always something to see and do, whether it be a visiting exhibit or some of our permanent displays.

Photo of a box turtle

live animals

See painted turtles, an ornate box turtle, red-eared sliders, a baby snapping turtle, salamanders, a frog and toad, a hedgehog, snakes, a tarantula, fish and more!

Photo of fake bats in a cave

Bat cave and fox burrow

Walk-through an indoor bat cave to discover how these amazing creatures use echolocation and what products are really made from bat guano. Then kids can crawl through a burrow and pretend they’re foxes.

Photo of kids bouncing on a fen

Glacial Landmark Tour

Jump on a fen, climb a kame, walk along an esker and end inside a glacier to dig for fossils! The interactive glacial landmark tour is fun for all ages.

Photo of an osprey flying over its nest

See a replica osprey nest and osprey photo opp inside the nature center, and April-September watch the osprey nest and raise their chicks in Kenue Park.

Photo of a drawer of butterflies

Wallace collection

Other than the Smithsonian Museum, the Dickinson County Nature Center is the only public entity with rights to photos from Alfred R. Wallace’s collection, found in an antique cabinet by an Okoboji native.

Photo of kids in the play area

Kids Play area

Try on butterfly wings; roast faux marshmallows over a faux fire; put on a nature play with wildlife puppets, and just explore your playful nature for hours.

Nature Store

The Dickinson County Nature Center’s Nature Store is filled with unique gifts and supplies for outdoor activities. Purchase discs for the Okoboji Gold Disc Golf Course, souvenir nature center T-shirts, local honey, wildlife field guides, locally-made goat’s milk soaps and lotions and so much more.

Outside the center

In addition to the wonderful educational opportunities inside the Dickinson County Nature Center, Kenue Park also features Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails, mowed trails through the prairie and around the wetland that is home to two rehabilitated trumpeter swans, an 18-hole professional level disc golf course, a fantastic Nature Playscape and paved trails that are a part of the Dickinson County Trails system.

Map of Kenue Park

The Pollinator Paradise addition is now open!