Photo of three osprey chicks in their nest

Osprey Diaries: A Sad Day

June 15, 2016

For this blog, I’m going to step out of character as the osprey mama and talk as myself. Yesterday, sirens started to sound in the Okoboji area and visitors to the Dickinson County Nature Center congregated in the lower level to wait out tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.…

Photo of three osprey chicks in their nest

Osprey Diaries: Survival of the Fittest

June 8, 2016

  My babies are starting to grow up nice and strong. And that’s what an osprey needs to be — strong. We must have strong eyes to see fish in the water from 100 feet in the air. We must have strong wings to let us take off from the…

Photo of three newly hatched osprey chicks

Osprey Diary: Hatching and eating

June 1, 2016

It started to happen Friday, May 27. I was sitting on my three eggs, like I had been for what seemed like forever, and then I felt some movement. I got up from my comfortable spot and rolled the eggs around with my beak, making sure that they were getting…

Photo of an osprey holding a stick

Osprey Diaries: Content but busy

May 4, 2016

I overhear a lot of humans talking as I sit in my nest and they pass by underneath, so slowly walking on their two legs. I had been sitting on my three eggs all afternoon when I heard someone mention me from below. They had stopped a little ways away…

Photo of an osprey looking up

Osprey Diaries: Three and counting

April 26, 2016

My one precious little egg had been doing just fine, nestled in the soft fibers in our nest. The sod clumps brought home by my partner have built up into a nice little cup edged by plenty of large tree limbs that brace the nest and protect it from wind.…

Photo of two osprey sitting on a nest with an egg

Osprey Diaries: Coming Home

April 19, 2016

It was starting to warm up, and I knew that it was time to start heading north. My man and I had made a pact to meet up at this perfect little nest. So I started flying. And I flew. And I flew. And I flew. And I rested. And…

Photo of a stream winding through the prairie

Judd Wildlife Area is a prairie paradise

April 1, 2016

Bobolinks nesting in the prairie, Blanding’s turtles resting by the stream, bald eagles flying overhead — a walk through the Judd Wildlife Area allows some of nature’s finest to show off. Twenty years ago, the Dickinson County Conservation Board looked to add a public recreation area south of Milford, and…

Two trumpeter swans and a goose on a partially frozen wetland

Swans standing like flamingoes

March 9, 2016

I turned on the live web camera at the nature center last week and zoomed in on the two rehabilitated trumpeter swans on the wetland. The weather was warm, and it appeared the waterfowl were having a ball in the springtime temperatures. They dipped their necks down into the water…

Wild game jambalaya

February 17, 2016

This is one of my favorite wild game recipes, because I throw pretty much whatever protein I have in the freezer in this dish. My favorite combination so far has been with wood duck, venison and sausage. I’m also thinking of trying it with fish! Jambalaya (adapted from Miss Kay’s…

Photo of a deer hoof print in the snow

Three ideas for using that venison in the freezer

January 28, 2016

At this point in the year, those with a freezer full of venison are often out of ideas of what to make with it. I use venison just like beef and substitute ground venison for many of my regular recipes — venison meatloaf, venison tacos, venison meatballs. (Four recipes that…

Banner that says January is National Radon Action Month

January is National Radon Action Month

January 25, 2016

  Locks can’t protect you. Doors won’t keep it out. A killer may be sneaking into your home without you even knowing it. It’s radon. And it silently kills about 21,000 Americans every year. January is National Radon Action Month, and the Dickinson County Conservation Board encourages you to protect…

Photo of a deer hoof print in the snow

Top 10 winter activities in our county parks

December 16, 2015

We live in Iowa because we like seasons. If we didn’t like seeing leaves bud in the spring and fall in autumn, if we didn’t like to see snowflakes dust the ground, if we didn’t like to a warm fire outside on a cool evening, we would all live in…

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