Come howl with us this Halloween

October 19, 2018

Dickinson County naturalists Bryanna Kuhlman and Ashley Hansen love to dress up, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do it. Join them in festive costumes for the Howlin’ Halloween program 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 31, at the Dickinson County Nature Center in Okoboji. “It’s our very first Halloween event…

Photo of nighttime scene with noodles

This noodle art is so fun it’s batty

October 15, 2018

Bats are a hot topic around Halloween. (We love bats — read about how they use echolocation here.) And we love crafts that are both nature-related and fit into the season, so today we tested out a new bat craft. It’s simple, great for all ages and utilizes things you…

Bats use echolocation to find prey

October 15, 2018

Bats can see about as well as humans. However, they are nocturnal — which means they are active at night — and think about how well you can see at night. (Read about nocturnal animals in Iowa.) Without a light, can you see a mosquito? You might feel it bite…

Graphic for Run the Bend

Register for the first Run the Bend 5K

October 12, 2018

Lace up your running shoes and head out to the country for the first Run the Bend 5K Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area. “We want people to experience the beauty of this county park during this fun cross country run,” said Kiley Roth, community relations coordinator…

Graphic with photos of woodpeckers

Nine Fun Facts About Woodpeckers

October 10, 2018

There are birds at your nut feeder with black, white and red. What are they? The safe answer is, it’s a woodpecker. Adult males of six of the seven species of woodpeckers in Iowa have some combination of black, white and red, in fact. It might be a red-headed, red-bellied,…

Make your own glowing pool

October 8, 2018

We had more than 180 people attend the Family Glow Walk in October 2018, and one of the hits were our glowing sensory ponds. Light-up rubber duckies, neon fish and bright bobbers floating in luminescent water drew kids in like moths to a flame. Wonder how we did it? We’ll…

Graphic about muskies

Fish are fun!

October 8, 2018

Test your fish knowledge with our fun quiz here!

Photo of big bluestem

Collect prairie seed to start a natives garden

October 5, 2018

Big blue stem, compass plant, wild white indigo – these beautiful prairie plants could be a part of your landscape. You could get the seed for free by participating in Dickinson County Conservation’s seed collecting program 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, at the nature center in Okoboji. “We talk a…

Photo of swans being released

Trumpeter swans were once gone from Iowa

October 3, 2018

Trumpeter swans are a majestic sight. Their graceful long necks. Their brilliant white feathers. Their long, slender wings that help them hover above the earth. As strong as they may look, being the largest waterfowl native to North America, they are not invincible. In fact, they were once extirpated —…

Photo of glowing yarn bubbles

Make glowing bubbles

October 1, 2018

We’re getting ready for the 2018 Family Glow Walk, and the Dickinson County Nature Center has an under-the-lake theme for its areas. Walk amidst neon fish. See a lake kayak wreck. Play in neon sensory bins. Have fun with glow-in-the-dark beach balls. To make the scene even more fun, we’ve…

Are you a naturalist?

October 1, 2018

How much do you know about the animal ambassadors at the Dickinson County Nature Center? Take this quiz to find out if you know as much as our naturalists!

Photo of a woman in front of paintings

Danielle Clouse Gast gives a new spin on the landscape

September 28, 2018

Danielle Clouse Gast’s art gives just a twist to the Iowa Great Lakes landscapes we all know and love. She describes her landscape oil paintings as “a modern, fresh approach to the landscape we are familiar with.” See what that means in her art exhibit running October-December at the Dickinson…

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