Lee Sorenson, Executive Director

Executive Director

Lee Sorenson  712-336-6352

Amy Heibult, Community Relations Coordinator

Community Relations Coordinator

Amy Heibult  712-336-6352

Tanner Bouchard, IRVM Manager

IRVM Manager/Weed Commissioner

Tanner Bouchard  712-338-4786

Charles Vigdal, Regional Collection Center Manager

Regional Collection Manager

Charles Vigdal 712-338-2549

Danika Cox, Environmental Education Coordinator

Environmental Education Coordinator

 Danika Cox  712-336-6352

Brian Cuperus, Natural Resources Manager

Natural Resource Manager

Brian Cuperus  712-338-4786

Tim Frostestad, IRVM Technician

IRVM East Technician

Tim Frostestad  712-338-4786

Britney Snell, Naturalist


Britney Snell  712-336-6352

Clay Pavelko, Natural Resources Technician

Natural Resource Technician

Clay Pavelko  712-338-4786

view of nature center

IRVM East Technician

TBD  712-338-4786


Steve Anderson - Chair

Eric Stoll - Vice Chair

Joan Gronstal- Member

Douglas Nielsen - Member

Robert Waters - Member

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