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Identifying the leaves of trees native to northwest Iowa

October 18, 2017
Photo of an american basswood leaf

Fall is the time of year to look at leaves. We pick them up and marvel at colors. We rake them up in the yard. We jump in the piles and toss them in the air. But what kind of leaf are you looking at? We have put together a list of ...

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Frogs are the real living dead

October 17, 2017
Photo of a leopard frog

The title “living dead” is very Halloween-appropriate. And that’s exactly what northern leopard frogs are in the wintertime. Photo by Eva Brown Northern leopard frogs are native to northwest Iowa and are aquatic creatures, meaning they live in the water. Like American bullfrogs, which are…

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The perfect fall craft — a handprint acorn!

October 16, 2017
Photo of acorn hand craft

‘Tis the season of acorns. Come to Kenue Park and you will see many, many of the tasty morsels that animals like squirrels love to munch on during the winter. That makes an acorn craft the perfect fall activity, one that we did during our…

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Round, tiny and fluffy — participate in citizen science seed collecting program

October 13, 2017
Photo of seeds

Butterfly milkweed, wild bergamot and prairie dropseed seeds Like each prairie plant, each plant seed is also unique — from flat, round seeds attached to fluff in milkweed plants to…

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What is the fuzzy stuff on my oak leaves?

October 10, 2017
Photo of a woolly oak leaf gall

You picked up a brown bur oak leaf and get grossed out that it looks like it’s molding. But those fuzzy spots on the leaf aren’t mold; in fact, they’re…

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Make your own caterpillar finger puppet

October 9, 2017
Photo of a caterpillar finger puppet

Finger puppets are an incredibly easy craft to make at home, because they need hardly any supplies but create hours — let’s be honest here, minutes — of fun. We’ve…

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