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Rainy days call for indoor activities like the schoolhouse

August 16, 2017
Photo of the interior of a country school

While I was taking a shift at the Westport Schoolhouse yesterday in Kenue Park, two families with young children came in. “OK, you be the teacher,” the kids said to their dad. “Good morning class,” the dad started. “Today is Tuesday, Aug. 15. We’re going to learn how many days each month ...

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Free family fun at the Bee & Butterfly Festival

August 11, 2017
Photo of a little girl holding a monarch

The live monarch tagging is always a hit at the annual Bee & Butterfly Festival at the Dickinson County Nature Center, and this year’s festival will feature live animals as well. The Great Plains Zoomobile from Sioux Falls, SD, will bring four live animals for…

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August 9, 2017
Photo of a chrysalis about to hatch

Gingerly. Gently. My face tightened up as I concentrated on being careful with the fragile chrysalis clinging to the toothpick in my hand. At Pollinator Paradise, we rear monarchs from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to adult. When they hatch, they are so tiny it’s…

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Play free disc golf with the family

August 4, 2017
Photo of man playing disc golf

Once a week? Twice? Every day? How often do we wonder what we can do with our family for fun that’s actually free? One answer to the quandary is to…

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Pollinator Paradise: Good-bye porch

August 2, 2017
Photo of building construction

I returned from vacation to quite a change outside the Dickinson County Nature Center. No porch on the north side of the building. Giant piles of dirt. A trench as…

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Fall photography contest announced

July 20, 2017
Photograph of a downy woodpecker in a tree

Alex Miles – adult winner A broken ice trail, a downy woodpecker poking its head out of a hole, a macro shot of tree bark — these three photographs were…

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