Creatures & Critters: Rabbit Edition

Meet Bindi!

Bindi is a mini rex rabbit. Mini rex rabbits are domesticated rabbits with a calm and friendly temperament. This means that they are bred to be pets. Mini rex rabbits only grow to be 4.5 pounds and they can be litter trained. Bindi is! The mini rex has a rounded back with short, straight legs and a short neck. They usually have thick, short, upright ears that sit close together on the top of their head. They also have eyes that protrude a bit from their heads. This gives them an almost 360-degree view. However, they do have a blind spot that is directly in front of them and is about 10-degrees wide. This mini rex rabbit has distinct fur that lacks long guard hairs to protect it and has a same-length short coat. This allows for you to feel the fine, velvety underfur when you pet it. Their fur is short, smooth, dense, and straight. Their fur also comes in a variety of colors and markings. Some of the most common colors include black, sable, chocolate, white, and opal.

In Iowa, there is one native species of rabbit and one native species of hare. The cottontail rabbit and the jackrabbit are our native hoppers. The cottontail rabbit is an opportunist and finds safe places with food, including your backyard. The jackrabbit on the other hand is a prairie dweller. With only a small portion of native prairie, jackrabbits don’t have a large habitat span anymore and can be found in select areas across Iowa. Mini rex rabbits survive on a well rounded diet containing pellets, hay, and vegetables. The average life span for a mini rex rabbit is seven to eight years.

Bindi is three and a half and was donated to us from a family who previously owned her. Bindi is fed Timothy hay pellets five times a week and always has water and hay to munch on. She also gets treats of lettuce, carrots, and apples!

Make sure to stop in to the Nature Center and say hi to Bindi!Bindi, the Nature Center's rabbit