Parks to Enjoy During Free Fishing Weekend

If you’re looking for a place that isn’t one of our 5 giant lakes to enjoy free fishing weekend June 4 -6, 2021, check out some of our county parks that boast public fishing access.

Westport Park

Westport Park found at 1175 230th street in Everly is a great place to test your luck fishing. Previously a gravel pit, this site has been turned into a shallow fishing pond. It hosts fish such as bluegill, green sunfish and bass. A state record bass was once caught here so it’s a great place to test your luck.

With a picnic area featuring picnic tables, fire rings and barbecues just off the pond, this is the perfect place for a family outing during free fish weekend.


Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park can be found at 2317 225th Ave. in Milford. This park has a path leading right over to Milford Creek a tributary of the Little Sioux River. When the water is right, fishing here can be great. It has a variety of gamefish such as yellow perch, bluegill and crappies. This 35-acre park is a smaller park with great fishing opportunities.



Jahn Wildlife Area

Jahn Wildlife Area can be found at 1624 160th Ave. in Lake Park just north of 170th street. This 100-acre property stretches out to meet the Little Sioux River. From here, you are able to fish in the Little Sioux River and if you’re lucky, maybe you will catch something good such as a flathead catfish.




Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is another great fishing spot down in Milford. It can be found at 1924 240th St. in Milford. This 180-acre park features the Little Sioux River as well as oxbow ponds. The Little Sioux River hosts a variety of game fish that are possible to catch.

Along with the river, Horseshoe Bend is a great park. There are bathrooms, a picnic area, a playground and many other amenities.

Free fishing weekend is a great weekend to try out fishing if you have never gone before or it’s a great time to encourage your kids to try it. Anglers over 16 are required to have a fishing license but kids younger do not. Try out fishing this weekend with your family during free fishing weekend.