Raindrop Suncatcher

Since the first day of spring was over the weekend our blog of the week was about traditions of spring and what says spring more than rain? So our craft of the week is a raindrop suncatcher. This craft is a little more involved and requires some help from parents but the end result is worth it. Plus, it’s a great way to sharpen any crayons that are getting dull.



  • Wax paper
  • Blue, green, purple, white and other “water colored” crayons
  • Pencil or crayon sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Marker or soft-tip pen
  • Clothes iron
  • Ironing board/something to iron on



Step 1:

You’re going to tear off a sheet of wax paper, peel the paper off your crayon and start sharpening. Let the shavings fall from the sharpener to the wax paper.



Step 2:

Sharpen all of the crayon colors you chose to add color to the wax paper. Then tear off another sheet of wax paper and place it on your ironing board.


Step 3:

Put your iron on the lowest setting and you should just need to go over it once if you want some bolder colors. I went over it a couple of times and it really spread the colors out. It will melt pretty quickly and then let it cool. It shouldn’t take too long. I will warn you though, some of the crayon colors might bleed through the wax paper.


Step 4:

Once it’s cool, you can draw raindrops to cut out.


Step 5:

Once you have all your raindrops cut out, you’ll use the hole punch to punch holes in the raindrops so you can hang them up.


Step 6:

Next, you’ll put something through the hole that will be used to hang the raindrops. I used embroidery floss in a dark blue color and used a knot from macrame called the larks head knot.


Step 7:

Next, pick what you want to hang your raindrops from. I decided to use twine but a dowel rod or some washi tape would work too. Tie the remaining string around what you’re going to hang the raindrops from.


Step 8:

Hang them up in a window. These suncatchers look great even on a cloudy day.


We look forward to having you try out this rainy day activity sometime soon! If you make your own raindrops, let us know! Share photos on Facebook or Instagram.

Also, let us know what you want to see more of! If you like this craft, let us know.