Snowman Handprint Craft

While 5 snowmen seem like a lot and like it would be a lot of work, I promise, it’s not. This snowman handprint craft is very simple and very fun for the little ones. In the spirit of the holidays, make this cute snowmen craft and show us by sharing it on social media and tagging us!


Snowman Handprint supplies


  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Whatever colored paper you want
  • Black pen or marker
  • Orange pen or marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors



Snowman Handprint step 1

Step 1:

Trace your hand or a little one’s hand on the white piece of paper. You can use pen or pencil but I used a pencil.


Snowman Handprint step 2

Step 2:

Cut out the tracing of your hand.


Snowman Handprint step 3

Step 3:

Make little hats out of the black paper. I drew my hats before I cut them out but feel free to cut them out however you want.


Snowman Handprint step 4

Step 4:

Glue the little hats to each finger. I used a glue stick for less mess but feel free to use whatever you want.


Snowman Handprint step 5

Step 5:

Use your black pen or marker to give each finger eyes for each of your snowmen.


Snowman Handprint step 6

Step 6:

Then take your orange pen or maker to give each snowman a cute little carrot nose. They can go in whatever direction you feel like.


Snowman Handprint step 7

Step 7:

Take your colored paper and cut out small rectangles. These will be scarves so decorate them however you want. I just cut the ends to make them look like tassels.


Snowman Handprint step 8

Step 8:

Glue those scarves onto each snowman. The ends can go in whatever direction you like. To give mine some depth, I bent some of the tassles so they stood up. If you want your snowmen to have smiles/mouths, make sure your scarves sit low enough for that.


Snowman Handprint finished

Step 9:

The final steps to complete your 5 snowmen is to give them buttons. I did the classic three buttons down the front but do however many you want. You can also add smiles if you would like but I realized too late that my scarves would be in the way of smiles.


Now that you have your 5 snowmen, share them with us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see your holiday crafting!