Best Beaver Puppet

Since the beaver is our animal of the week, our craft is a beaver puppet! It’s super easy and only takes a few items.

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Supplies you will need:

  • Paper bag
  • Construction paper
    • white
    • black
    • brown
    • tan
  • Glue
  • Scissors

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Step 1:

When using paper bags, I always cut the bottom off. This makes them work well for little arms.


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Step 2:

Cut a circle out of the brown paper for the head. Then cut two ears out of the same brown paper.


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Step 3:

Cut a mustache shape out of the tan paper for the beaver’s cheeks. Then cut two smaller ears out of the same tan paper to give the ears another layer.


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Step 4:

Cut the eyes, nose, and whiskers out of the black paper. Then cut a square out of the white paper to be the teeth and circles to be the eyes.


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Step 5:

Glue it all together.


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Step 6:

Give the beaver some details. Draw a line on the teeth to make it look like buck teeth. Add spots on his cheeks to give him some whisker spots.

While beavers live in wetlands, I wouldn’t recommend placing this beaver in one as he is made entirely out of paper.