Accordion paper hedgehog

Hedgehogs are known for the spines, the way they protect themselves from predators.

They're spiky but adorable, and this simple paper hedgehog shows off both sides of these nocturnal animals!

To make your own paper hedgehog, you'll need:

Two sheets of brown construction paper in two different shades
Black marker
Staples or glue

Begin with the color of the hedgehog's body, and accordion fold the paper on the short side. Then fold the accordion in half and use staples or glue to connect the two halves so that it can fan out into a half circle.

accordion folded paper

Cut an oval, with a flat bottom, out of the other shade of brown construction paper, and cut out two more small ovals with flat sides. The large piece will be the hedgehog body, and the small two pieces will be the hedgehog feet.

pieces of craft

Draw a face on the larger piece.

Glue the face and feet onto the fan.

What a cute paper hedgehog!

paper hedgehog

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