Five activities to do at Westport Park

Westport Park, located in the southwest corner of Dickinson County, is a little hidden gem for those looking to spend some time outdoors.

Let's take a look at five activities you can do at one of the county's pristine parks:

  1. Fish
    Westport Park was once home to a state record bass. Even if you don't catch one that huge, it's still a great place to shore fish for those who don't have a boat to go out onto the big Iowa Great Lakes or who want a secluded spot. There are a variety of spots you can fish from around the 10-acre pond.person fishing
  2. Bird watch
    Home to nesting bald eagles, a favorite stop for migrating waterfowl, wonderful habitat for songbirds --- Westport Park is a great place to get out and check some birds off your list.
  3. Picnic
    Westport Park is a nice, quiet place to take the family on a picnic. There are charcoal grills available as well as wooden picnic tables, so you're set for a hot or cold meal together.picnic table
  4. Play Frisbee
    Spread out in some of the open space and throw around a Frisbee, or grab your mitts and a ball to play catch. There are fun, simple ways to enjoy the outdoors that sometimes get overlooked!
  5. Wildlife photography
    Last time we stopped by, a beaver was quite busy at Westport Park, and his handywork was evident on many trees lining the shore.Try your hand at wildlife photography, from beavers to amphibians to all the avian creatures flying overhead, you're sure to get some great shots.

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