5 rock books for kids

Rocks can be the perfect way to get little ones interested in the outdoors.

They're easy to find. They can be touched, picked up and collected. There is a wide variety, from sparkly to chalk-like, smooth to holey.

Read a good book about rocks and then head outside to see what rocks you can find!

"If You Find a Rock" by Peggy Christian

Learn about all of the types of rocks you might find on a walk through a nature area. Hear environmental education coordinator Bryanna Kuhlman read the book in the video below.

"A Rock is Lively" by Dianna Hutts Aston

Learn about rocks from all around the world, from plain to dazzling, black or colorful.

A Rock is Lively

"National Geographic Readers: Rocks and Minerals" by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

National Geographic does a great job putting together fun and educational guides for all ages. This reader, for ages 5-8, will introduce your kids to the expansive world of rocks with beautiful photographs.

Rocks and Minerals

"Everybody Needs a Rock" by Byrd Baylor

Read about 10 rules to find the perfect rock friend, a friend that will be better than an elephant, a horse or a tricycle.

Everybody Needs a Rock (An Aladdin Book)

"Rhoda's Rock Hunt" by Molly Beth Griffin

Follow Rhoda on a hiking trip and see all the fun rocks that she finds. Just remember, rocks are heavy!


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