Toilet paper tube birds

Who doesn't have empty toilet paper tubes?

We all do. And if you don't right now, you definitely will have some soon.

Let's use them for a fun purpose and turn them into adorable birds, and you can make whatever kind of bird you want. I chose a robin --- my mom's favorite --- and a bluebird.

All you need is:
Empty toilet paper tube
Markers, crayons or colored pencils
Colored paper to match your bird
Adhesive (glue, stapler, tape, etc.)

First, color your bird. You can use whatever kind of drawing implement that you would like. I used a mix of markers and colored pencils. Add your eyes and beak at least a half inch below the top of the toilet paper tube.

toilet paper tube birdsThen fold down the middle of the top of each tube in the back and then the front. This makes the ears.

Cut a half circle from a piece of paper that matches the color of your bird. Use scissors to make the bottom edge serrated, cutting in a slightly rounded direction.

Attach the wings to the back of your bird. I used a stapler, but you can also use glue or tape.

toilet paper tube birds


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