Egg carton snowman

It's a winter wonderland in Iowa, so we're celebrating with a recycled snowman craft.

Instead of tossing out your empty egg cartons, keep them around for fun crafts on an afternoon when the winter weather is pressing you in. (Check out instructions for an egg carton butterfly here).

To make a snowman, you'll need:
-An egg carton
-White paint (unless you have a white, foam egg carton already) and paintbrush
-Two googly eyes
-Orange and black markers
-Pipe cleaner
-Craft puff balls
-Piece of colored ribbon

Cut three sections out of your egg carton. It's easiest if you leave the three sections together, but I already had sections cut out so I left them separate and later taped them together.

Paint your egg carton white on what was the bottom, which is now the top of your craft. If you have a white egg carton, you can skip this step.

egg carton sections being painted

Once dry, glue googly eyes to the top flat part of the top carton section. Draw an orange "carrot" nose beneth the eyes. Use the black marker to make a "coal" smile.

Trim your pipe cleaner to about 2-3 inches long. Glue it around the top of the snowman to where the "ears" would be on the head. Glue on one puff ball to each side, like earmuffs.

Wrap the ribbon around the section between the top two egg carton sections. Trim the ends like the yarn ends of a scarf.

egg carton snowman

Egg carton butterfly

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