Butterfly ring *FREE template*

We love pollinators, and we love sharing that love with others through education and fun.

At the 2019 Bee & Butterfly Festival, visitors could create a fun butterfly ring with a simple cardstock template and a pipe cleaner.

little girl wearing a butterfly ring

You can create your own by downloading our free template below, and then all you need is pipe cleaners and markers, stickers, jewels or whatever else you would like to use to decorate your ring!

butterfly ring templateopens PDF file

Click the photo for a free printable template

Begin by printing out the template page that features six ring templates on cardstock. You could use regular printer paper, but it won't hold up very well.

Cut out each template.

Decorate your butterfly however you would like.

Then cut a pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around your finger and twist it twice to secure the finger loop. Remove the pipe cleaner and lay the butterfly on top of the twisted section of pipe cleaner.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the center section of the butterfly and end on top. Twist the pipe cleaner to make two antenna on top.

Show off your beautiful new jewelry!

little girl holding a butterfly ring

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