Do you enjoy being around people?

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

What is your favorite flower?

My clothing style is...

Which pollinator are you?

You're lovely, inside and out. You are strong and determined, just like the monarch butterfly as it migrates to and from Mexico every year. You see the beauty in everything around you and take time to stop and enjoy life amidst the flowers.

Photo of a hummingbird moth

You love the night life. Sometimes you are overlooked for those who are a little more well-known, a little more outgoing, but you're an integral part of this world and you make a difference each day.

Photo of a hummingbird at a feeder

You definitely are a sweetheart and have a sweet tooth. You're tiny but strong, slight but fast. You flit through life, enjoying a little bit of everything.

Photo of a bumblebee gathering pollen

You're an Iowa native. You love the Midwest and the beauty that it has to offer, and you want to help make a difference. Like bumblebees can access nectar that other bees can't through buzz pollination, you have a special ability to be optimistic and see the sweetness in life that others may miss.

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