Hanging opossum craft

hanging opossum toilet paper tube We call them possums, but Iowa actually has opossums.

(Debunk some opossum myths here.)

We think opossums are pretty adorable, although everyone doesn’t agree, so we wanted to make a fun opossum craft that you can easily replicate at home. All you’ll need is:

Empty toilet paper tube
Gray construction paper or cardstock
Gray marker
Pink or purple pipe cleaner

Begin by coloring your toilet paper tube gray with the gray marker. You can also paint it gray if you would rather have a smoother finish.

Cut four skinny rectangles from the gray cardstock/construction paper and cut out triangles on one end for toes.

cut opossum feet

Cut out a heart shape for a head.

Glue pieces onto the toilet paper tube, and use marker to make eyes and nose.

Cut slit in back-top of toilet paper tube and thread pipe cleaner through. Twist to secure. Curve end to pick up the opossum by the tail.

hanging opossum craft