Here fishy fish: Fish paper craft

Since we’ve been enjoying the Okoboji osprey coming back to Kenue Park (read the beginning of their diary series here), we thought it most appropriate to have a fish craft.

Photo of folded paper fish

Osprey absolutely love fish; in fact, it makes up about 99 percent of their diet, and they are truly created to fish.

This is a simple but fun fish craft, and all you’ll need is:
Colored paper
Glue stick
Pen/marker/googly eye

First, make your paper into a square by folding one corner in and cutting off the excess.Photo of triangle paper

Cut the paper into strips almost to the center fold but not quite.

Photo of triangle paper cut into strips

Open your cut paper up and put a line of glue down the center fold. Fold in the strips, one by one, to the center glue line and press down to secure. Leave the last three or four strips at the bottom as a fin.

Photo of partially folded in paper

Make a tiny cut in the top tip of the paper and fold the corners back like fish lips. Finally, color an eye, and you have your fish!

Photo of folded paper fish

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