Fabric paint window decal

Sometimes you go through the craft supplies and wonder how to use up the excess that you have.

Let's say you bought some puffy fabric paint to make a costume for Halloween, an ugly Christmas sweater or for a play one of your kids was putting on for school.

(Have extra tissue paper lying around? Here's a craft to use that up!)

Now what do you do with it?

Pull it out of its hiding place and let the kids make some super fun window decals!

finished window decal

All you'll need is:
Puffy fabric paint
A clear plastic sheet
A template, optional

I printed off a butterfly template that matched the colors of fabric paint we had in storage at the Dickinson County Nature Center, and put the template inside a laminating sheet.

person coloring picture with puffy fabric paint

Follow the template colors with your puffy paint, using the tip to smooth out the paint into all the crevices as you go. Make sure that your colors all meet so that they dry as one piece and not separately.

completed template

Let your creation dry for 24 hours.

Peel carefully off of the plastic and stick to a window!

(Try painting with ice cubes)