FREE frog mask template

Did you know tree frogs' last bone in their toes is shaped like a claw?

Have you read about how about frogs' bodies freeze during the winter and thaw in the spring?

Do you know what a group of frogs is called? Click here to find out.

Frogs are really interesting creatures, and many people love the hoppity little guys that are seen all throughout Iowa and the United States.

frog mask complete project

If you have a frog-lover in the family, this frog mask is the perfect craft for you!

Plus, it takes few supplies. You'll need:
A print-out of our frog mask template on cardstock (download it hereopens PDF file )
A pencil or wooden skewer

Begin by printing out our free mask template,opens PDF file preferabky on white cardstock for some stiffness to the mask.

Cut out the exterior of the mask and the eye holes. Make sure to leave the eye shadows intact.

Color the frog.

frog mask with pencil

Flip the mask over and tape the pencil or skewer to the back of the mask to help you hold it up to your face.

Then give us your best ribbit!

frog mask completed

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