This turkey is unbe-leaf-ably cute

leaf turkey craft project

To go along with our blog about turkeys this week (read it here), we thought we might as well make a turkey-themed nature craft too.

You will just need a few supplies:

Turkey template printed on white paper (Find the template here)opens PDF file
White computer paper

Begin with a trek outside. Pick up some fun leaves that will look beautiful as a turkey tail. We have tons of bur oaks in Kenue Park, so my leaves consisted of bur oak leaves, bur oak leaves and bur oak leaves. Maybe you have some more variety at your home!

(Here's a handy guide how to identify tree leaves.)

Bring the leaves inside and make sure they are dry but putting them between paper towels.

In the meantime, print off our turkey template hereopens PDF file  and color in the body and feet. Cut out the body and feet.

turkey being colored

Lay out the other piece of white computer paper and layer your leaves. It works best going biggest down to smallest. Glue them down.

Glue the body at the center of the leaves, covering the stems. Glue the feet on the body.

You could even do several turkeys and put them up as decorations for Thanksgiving!

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