This noodle art is so fun it’s batty

Bats are a hot topic around Halloween.

(We love bats — read about how they use echolocation here.)

And we love crafts that are both nature-related and fit into the season, so today we tested out a new bat craft.

It’s simple, great for all ages and utilizes things you already have around the house.

You’ll need:
Bowtie pasta
Black and yellow construction paper

Photo of craft supplies

First, color a variety of the noodles black, gray or brown to create little flying bats. The sides of the noodles represent the wings while the crimped part in the middle is the body.

Photo of marker coloring noodle

Color some of the noodles, especially if there are broken half noodles, green. Those will be used for grass.

Cut a partial moon from the yellow construction paper.

Glue the moon, grass and bats to the construction paper. Use a black marker to make a flight pattern for each bat.

Photo of nighttime scene with noodles

Hang up your nighttime scene as a Halloween decoration!

Then learn more about bats and how they are misunderstood here!

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