Make your own glowing pool

We had more than 180 people attend the Family Glow Walk in October 2018, and one of the hits were our glowing sensory ponds.

glowing pools

Light-up rubber duckies, neon fish and bright bobbers floating in luminescent water drew kids in like moths to a flame.

Wonder how we did it?

We'll let you in on the secret so you can try it at home!

All you'll need is:
A tub or kiddie pool of water
A yellow highlighter (non-toxic)
A black light
Neon toys

Fill your tub or pool with water.

Pull the felt part of the highlighter out of the plastic part and put it in the water. Move it around in the water to get the ink to leach out.

glowing pools with light-up duckies

Put the black light over the pond and watch it glow! Add your favorite neon or light-up toys, and the kids will have fun for hours --- or at least 10 minutes. We all know kids' attention spans!

kid playing in glowing pool

You can also see how we made our glow bubbles here!