Make glowing bubbles

We’re getting ready for the 2018 Family Glow Walk, and the Dickinson County Nature Center has an under-the-lake theme for its areas.

Walk amidst neon fish. See a lake kayak wreck. Play in neon sensory bins. Have fun with glow-in-the-dark beach balls.

To make the scene even more fun, we’ve created bubbles that glow under black lights, and we’re going to share with you how we did it if you want to make your own!

Photo of glowing yarn bubbles

They are pretty in regular light too.

What you’ll need is:
Bright white yarn
Elmer’s glue

A disposable bowl
Latex gloves
A tarp

Begin by blowing up the balloons.

Pour your glue in a bowl and put on the gloves.

Pull yarn from the skein a couple of feet at a time, without cutting it, and put it in the bowl of glue. Run the soaked yarn through your fingers to take off the excess glue and put on the tarp. Continue with the next sections of yarn. Doing it a bit at a time helps it to not get knotted in the bowl of glue.

When you have about 20 feet of yarn covered in glue, snip off the end.

Begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon. Continue wrapping in different directions to evenly cover the balloon. There will be gaps, just try to make the gaps even.

Photo of balloons covered in yarn

When finished, hang the balloon by the tied end with a clothespin on a clothesline to dry overnight.

Photo of yarn-covered balloons hanging from a ladder

We didn’t have a clothesline, so we hung them from a ladder!

When dry, work your fingers underneath the dried yarn to separate it from the balloon. When loose, pop the balloon.

You are left with an empty bubble! Hang it as a decoration or underneath black light for a fun glow!


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