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Make a coffee filter butterfly

It’s not any surprise that we love butterflies at the Dickinson County Nature Center.

We also love butterfly crafts! This coffee filter butterfly is one that we made at the 2018 Bee & Butterfly Festival. It’s simple, but kids really love the colorful creations they can make. Plus, you can glue them to a magnet and create a fun refrigerator decoration.

Photo of coffee filter butterfly

You’ll need:
Coffee filter
Black pipe cleaner

Begin by flattening the coffee filter so that it is easy to draw on.

Photo of flattened coffee filter

Color as desired. The more color the better, and try to get close to the edges. You don’t have to worry as much about the middle, because it will be hidden by the pipe cleaner.

Photo of decorated coffee filter

When finished, scrunch the center of the coffee filter down so there are two “wings.”

Photo of scrunched coffee filter

Wrap half of a black pipe cleaner around the center and twist. Then bend the top of each end to create antennae.

If you like this craft, try this coffee filter snowflake or create a butterfly mask.

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