Make a bendable snake with pipe cleaner and beads

In honor of my big day today, holding a snake for the first time (you can see the video here), we made a fun snake craft.

Whether you love snakes or hate them, this craft is cute and simple.

You’ll need:
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Liquid glue

Start  by selecting what kind of head you want your snake to have. You can either thread several beads onto the top 1 inch of a pipe cleaner and then loop that section around and twist it to the next section, so you have a round head, or you can use a large bead and thread the pipe cleaner through and around to create a larger, single head.

Photo of a pipe cleaner with beads on the end

Head option 1

Photo of pipe cleaner with one large bead on the end

Head option 2

Thread beads onto the rest of the body in whatever pattern you would like. At the end, fold the pipe cleaner over so the beads do not fall off.

Glue googly eyes to the head portion of the snake.

Bend the snake, curl it up, make it look real!

Photo of pipe cleaner snakes

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