Recycled bunny bookmark

Photo of a bunny

Bindi, named after conservationist Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, is the newest animal ambassador at the Dickinson County Nature Center as of August 2018. In honor of her arrival, today’s craft is bunny-themed!

(Learn about cottontail rabbits)

Photo of a bunny bookmark

To make this adorable bunny bookmark, you’ll need:

An envelope, a used one is fine
Googly eyes
A pink marker and a black marker

(Nine adorable Iowa mammals)

To begin, cut the corner off of an envelope, with a rectangle jutting out in the middle, which will become the bunny’s teeth. Make sure to use a lower corner of the envelope so the sides are sealed.

Photo of scissors on an envelope

Cut two ear shapes out of the envelope as well. Glue the two sides of the ear shapes together so each ear is two layers thick.

Photo of cut pieces of paper

Glue the ears to the back of the bookmark, sticking out like ears should.

Glue googly eyes onto the front of the bookmark.

Using a pink marker, color the middle of the ears and the bunny’s nose. With the black marker, add whiskers and the delineation for the bunny’s teeth.

Mark your page by slipping the bookmark over the corner of the page where you are stopping! How cute!

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