These fish really pop

There's something about making a craft three-dimensional. It just makes things more fun.

Try out this three-dimensional fish craft --- it really pops!

finished fish

You'll need:
Colored paper
Glue stick

Cut your 8.5x11-inch sheet of paper in half the short way. Fold in half the long way and cut three-quarters of an oval, making the final part straight instead of curved.

folded paper

Unfold the paper and cut the pointed end into six slits, making your way about three-quarters up the sheet of paper.

cut paper

Dab some glue in the middle of the two middle slits. Pull one of the second-most outer slits over and glue down. Glue down the next slits, pulling each toward the middle to create the fins.

partially finished fish

Pop the main part of the fish up. Mark eyes and decorate the tail.

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