From microscopic egg to tiny larva to chubby caterpillar to gold-flecked chrysalis to adult monarch butterfly — the majestic monarch’s life cycle is something to behold, especially up close.

In honor of part of that amazing metamorphosis, try out this fun caterpillar craft that shows just how much you love pollinators too.

Photo of a caterpillar name craft

(Read about incomplete metamorphosis)

You’ll need:
Construction paper
11×17 paper

Begin by cutting hearts out of the construction paper. I cheated by cutting my paper in half and then folding a half hot-dog ways down the middle and cutting out a half-heart so when it was unfolded it was symmetrical. You can do that method or just cut it out freehand.

Photo of hearts cut out of paper

Then cut out eight L-shapes from your darkest color of construction paper and two strips — these will be your caterpillar legs and antenna.

Lay out your hearts on your 11×17 piece of paper, overlapping them to create a caterpillar body. Then put one letter from your name on each heart so it can be seen even with the overlap.

Once you have your caterpillar sketched out, flip each piece of and put on Elmer’s glue. Flip back over and stick it to the paper.

Now you have a heart-shaped caterpillar with your name on it to display to all who visit just how much you love caterpillars!

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