Floral sun catcher brings summer indoors

Summer is about sun, green grasses and leaves, brightly-colored flower blooms.

This sun catcher craft takes all of summer and puts it in one simple piece.

suncatcher in window

To make your own sun catcher, you'll need:
Two self-adhesive laminating sheets
Flowers and leaves

First, make sure to use self-adhesive laminating sheets, even if you have a laminator. Trust me from experience, the heat in the laminator will draw out the moisture in the fresh flower and leaves and will leave you with a cloudy, unsealed mess that will go in the garbage instead of the window.

Peel the backing off of one sticky sheet and lay it sticky side up on the counter. Arrange your flowers and leaves as flat as possible and press onto the sticky piece. When finished with your design, peel the backing off of the second sheet and lay it sticky side down onto the other.

Press down and around each flower and leaf. Use something heavy, like a book, to run across the sheets, getting them to stick together as much as possible.

Cut around the edge of your creation, making sure not to get too close to break the seal. Use something sharp, like the tip of a pen, to poke a hole in what you would like to be the top of your sun catcher. Run a piece of twine through and knot the top.

completed sun catcher

Hang your creation in the window and let the sun brighten up the fresh colors and create shadows as the sun catcher moves.

floral suncatcher in the window

Too bad there isn't more sun today!