Iowa Great Lakes fun facts

We all love the lakes.

That’s what makes Okoboji, Okoboji.

But how much do you know about the lakes themselves? Did you know that Upper Gar Lake is the smallest lake in the Iowa Great Lakes at only 37 acres with an average depth of 3.5 feet? That is the height of the average 6-year-old!

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Here are some more fun comparisons about the Iowa Great Lakes that you can memorize and share with your family and friends when you are enjoying the lakes.

Graphic that says an average person would burn about 1,440 calories walking the 16.8-mile shoreline of East Lake Okoboji

Graphic that says West Lake Okoboji's maximum depth is 136 feet, about the height of a 12-story office building.

Graphic that says 95 football fields would it in Lake Minnewashta's surface area.

Graphic that says George Washington's nose on Mount Rushmore is 21 feet long, which is one foot shorter than East Lake Okoboji's average depth.

Graphic that says 147,716 lakes the size of Lower Gar could fit into Dickinson County.

Graphic that says Big Spirit Lake is the largest natural lake in Iowa at 5,684 acres

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