Shake, wiggle and flop! Create a moving fish

Photo of floppy fish

Shake, wiggle and flop.

These floppy fish are simple and a lot of fun for kids to make!

You’ll just need a few supplies:
Two pieces of colored paper

Begin with the sheet of paper that you want to be the main color of your fish. Fold one corner in to the opposite edge to create a triangle. Cut off the excess. You should end with a perfect square.

Photo of folding paper

Fold two corners into the center line to form a kite shape. Unfold, then fold back in half. Cut on the creased edge down to the fold lines halfway down, don’t go past the fold lines. Leave a space at the top for the fish head.

Photo of folded paper

Photo of cutting paper

Unfold. Glue the two uncut pieces together so the fish is now three dimensional.

Photo of folded paper

Trim the point off of the head section, so the face is rounded.

Cut a heart shape and two ovals with sharp ends; these will be your fins. Glue the heart shape to the back of the fish as a tail fin and one of the ovals on the bottom of each side as the side fins.

Photo of cut pieces

Use your markers to draw eyes on your fish.

Hold it up and let it wiggle in your hands, just like a real fish!

Photo of a completed fish

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