It’s a fish-eat-fish world! Clothespin craft instructions here!

It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there.

OK, I know that’s not how the saying goes, but I think it applies in an area where lakes are the main attraction. Think about what’s going on beneath the surface of our lakes when we’re out boating, waterskiing and paddleboarding. Our fish are living the everyday lives, swimming about and looking for food, which is often other fish smaller than themselves.

In celebration of our fish and lakes being open for the season — finally — here’s a little fish-eat-fish craft.

Photo of a fish eating fish on a clothespin

What you’ll need:


Begin by sketching out a fish about the size of your clothespin on a piece of cardstock. You can also try other animals, or even an egg that is cracking, like I did. Also, sketch out whatever you want your clothespin to open up to — smaller fish for inside the mouth of your large fish, or a little bird inside the cracked-open egg. I also saw designs of frogs with flies in their mouths, dinosaurs with bones — be creative!

Photo of sketches

Color your designs, and cut out all the pieces. Make sure to cut your large fish (or other animal) in half so it opens with the clothespin.

Photo of pieces cut out

Glue the top of your fish on the top of your clothespin and the bottom of the fish on the bottom of the clothespin. Glue your little fish to toothpicks and then to the back of the clothespin, making sure that they are not too high to be covered by the body of the fish when the clothespin is closed. Snip off the bottom of the toothpicks.

When dry, move your clothespin open and closed.

It’s a fish-eat-fish world!

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