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Make your own bee hotel

You can help native bees by providing them a secure place to nest. What many call bee hotels or bee homes range from simple to deluxe designs.

(Mason bees are amazing pollinators.)

One way is to drill various-sized holes into a wooden block or tree cookie and hang it in a sheltered area.

Photo of bee homes

Another simple solution is to cut down PVC or plastic pipes and fill them with paper straws and hang it or tie it to a tree or fence post.

One of the easiest ways to create a bee home is with bamboo. You can find bamboo pretty cheap at local garden centers or even Wal-Mart. Buy a bundle with pieces of bamboo of different sizes and use a saw to cut the bamboo to approximately 4-inch lengths.

Photo of cut bamboo

Take a foot-long zip tie and start the zipping so it is a circle. Hold the circle vertically, pressing down so that bottom is flat. Layer pieces of bamboo, of all different widths, into the circle. When you’re done, tighten the zip tie so the bamboo pieces stay in a bundle.

Photo of bamboo with zip tie

Hang your bee hotel when it is starting to warm up outside in a place where it will receive morning sun, facing the east. The hotel needs to be fastened to something so that it does not rotate or move. The native bees that this hotel will draw in are sensitive to nest orientation once they start using it.

Photo of bamboo bee home

Mount the hotel so that the bamboo lies horizontally, not at an angle, with the flight path into the bamboo unobstructed.

This hotel will aid the next generation of beneficial bees.

(Learn how native bees nest here.)

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    Excellent suggestions …. thanks.

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