Adorable Easter bunny from toilet paper tubes

The family is coming over for Easter Sunday, and you need something adorable to spruce up the table.

Plus, you need something to entertain the gaggle of children that will be running around.

(Another idea: Fold a simple origami fish)

That’s where this simple toilet paper tube bunny craft comes in. It’ll give the kids something to do, and they will be adorable adorning each place at the Easter dinner table.

Photo of toilet paper roll bunnies

You’ll need:

Empty toilet paper tubes
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Hot glue (or quick-dry craft glue)

First, paint the inside and outside of your toilet paper tubes. Make sure to paint the inside first, and then don’t hold the toilet paper tube by the inside when you’re painting the outside. I speak from experience and a purple-painted finger from forgetting that the inside of the tube was wet when I picked it up.

Then use colors other than your main color to decorate the outside of the tube. Paint dots, stripes, wavy lines, shapes or anything else that your heart desires.

Photo of painted toilet paper rolls

Let the paint dry. (Maybe have a snack at this point? This is always the worst part with kids, waiting for stuff to dry…)

When the paint is dry, cut each tube into five pieces, so you end up with five circles. Don’t worry about partially smushing the tube as you cut. It will be just fine.

Arrange your pieces into bunny ears, with the tubes squeezed so they’re not such a circle, and two circles for the bunny’s body. Take another circle, squish it together and staple it in the middle so it stays squished, and that will be your bunny’s feet.

Photo of toilet paper tube bunnies

Glue the pieces together, and then stand up!

Your guests will be sure to love the adorable Easter  bunnies at each place setting.

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