Make your own duck mask from a paper plate

duck mask craftopens IMAGE file

As ducks and geese starting migrating through the Iowa Great Lakes area this spring, it's only appropriate that we feature a waterfowl mask as a craft.

(Read "Seven Waterfowl to Look for During Migration.")

I'll admit I took some creative liberties with the duck coloring in my own duck mask, so when choosing colors feel free to make it look natural or to go a little crazy!

You'll need:

-A paper plate (I chose a yellow one, but you can use white or color your own paper plate)
-A duck bill (Download the duck mask bill templateopens PDF file  here)
-A wooden dowel

Cut the bottom third off of the paper plate. Measure where your eyes are and cut out circles to see through.

the craft close upopens IMAGE file

Cut out the duck bill from the downloadable template and fold down the top corners. Put glue on the back of the folded pieces and glue them to the mask, pushing toward the center so the bill has a slight bend to it.

When the glue is dry, set the mask so the back is facing you and glue or tape on feathers on the back so they stick out above the top of the mask.

showing the back of the duck mask craftopens IMAGE file

Tape the wooden dowel on the back of the mask as well.

Hold the mask up to your eyes and see the world through a duck's eye view!

final product: a duck maskopens IMAGE file

(Click here for a butterfly mask template.)

What kind of duck is it?

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