Origami is one of those crafts that you just feel accomplished when it’s completed.

It’s a skill that you can share and show off, and this origami fish is a simple design that even children can do.

(Fold a leaping origami frog.)

First, take a square sheet of paper — whether it’s origami paper or an 8.5-by-11 inch sheet cut into a square — and fold it in half into a triangle. Unfold it, and fold it into a triangle the other direction. Unfold.

Fold the entire square up to make a rectangle. Unfold.
Photo of origami fish being folded
Push your finger in the middle to make the sides pop up. Then collapse the sides in until you have a small triangle.Photo of origami fish being folded

Turn the fish 90 degrees so it is facing sideways. Fold the bottom of the back triangle up to start to create the tail. Fold the top of the triangle down, crossing over the bottom fold.

Photo of origami fish being folded

Flip the fish over and decorate!

Photo of an origami fish

(Try an origami butterfly!)

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