What animal ambassador are you?

When you wake up, you are...

Your favorite food is...

Your favorite hobby is...

Your best friend is...

People think you are...

What animal ambassador are you?
Honey the hedgehog

You're very independent. You like to spend time by yourself, and that's OK. You love to sleep, and who can blame you? Naps are the best.
Teddy the turtle

You're a little grumpy at times, and big crowds make you nervous. You enjoy being healthy, spending time outside and being at one with yourself and what's around you.
Itsy Bitsy the western fox snake

You're very active and lead a social lifestyle. Your life is all about friends and fun.
Manny the salamander

You're known for your happy personality and your smile. You like to snack, enjoy relaxing and are kind of a home-body but that doesn't deter you from spending time with friends too.

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