Ssssomething totally awesssome: Create a sssnake wrist cuff

Since this week’s blog post was about how snakes slither, I thought it only appropriate that this week’s craft also be snake related.

Photo of a snake cuff made from a toilet paper tube

I will pretty much guarantee that after you make this fun wrist cuff that your child will not take it off for the entire day.

Or at least the next five minutes, depending on your kid.

It’s a simple craft, like most of our crafts. All you’ll need is:

A toilet paper tube

Acrylic paint and paintbrush

A red permanent marker

Two googly eyes


Start by painting your toilet paper tube whatever color you want the snake’s body to be. I chose green. Let it dry.

Photo of a toilet paper tube painted green

When dry, start at the top and beginning cutting diagonally and around the toilet paper tube so in the end you have a corkscrew, but the toilet paper tube is still in one piece.

Photo of a green toilet paper tube cut into a corkscrew

Thin your snake by then cutting along the same line. This will leave a defined edge around the snake when it becomes a cuff instead of it looking like a toilet paper tube around your arm.

Photo of a green toilet paper tube corkscrew cut thinner

At one end, color the snake’s tongue red, and if you want, you can also cut out a small triangle so the snake has an anatomically-correct forked tongue.

Apply two sticky googly eyes.

Photo of a snake cuff made from a toilet paper tube around a wrist

Wrap the snake around your child’s wrist for a fun dress-up accessory!

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