Turn yourself into a lady bug: Personalized rock craft

Have you ever wanted to experience the world through the eyes of an insect?

Imagine the viewpoint looking up through the grass, seeing the expansive world that exists right on the surface of the earth.

Well, I can’t offer you that view, but I can help you turn yourself into a bug — at least craft-wise.

First, you’ll need a few items:

A small, flat rock

Black felt, or thick black paper

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint or a black permanent marker

A tiny photo of yourself

Craft glue

First, paint the top surface of the rock red and set it aside to dry.

Cut a rectangle out of the black felt, slightly larger than your rock. Fold it in half and cut out two rectangles along the not-folded side, being careful to leave a section in the middle that is not cut. Unfold the felt, and you should have six “feet.”

Cut the head out of the tiny photo of yourself.

Photo of rock, feet and head

When the rock is dry, use black paint or a permanent marker to color dots on what will be your lady bug body. Let dry if you use paint.

Put a line of craft glue along the middle of the black felt and set your rock on it, gently pressing to adhere the two together. Put a dot of glue on the back of your photo and attach it to the top of your rock.

Photo of a rock lady bug with a photo head

And there you have a lady bug version of yourself. Place on the ground for an insect’s eye view.

Just kidding 🙂

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