Giant three-dimensional paper snowflake

What’s more fun than making a paper snowflake?

Making it three-dimensional and giant!

Photo of a giant snowflake on a door

We all made paper snowflakes as kids, folding and cutting sheets of paper and then unfolding them to see what design your snowflake came out to be.

While researching snowflakes for a blog post, I stumbled upon a similar craft idea for making 3D snowflakes, so I thought I’d try it while sitting at home on this snow day.

This really is a perfect craft for a day when you’re stuck at home, because you only need three supplies, and they are supplies that everyone already has:

Six sheets of computer paper



First, fold your computer paper into a triangle and cut off the excess, so that when you unfold it, you have a perfect square.

Fold each square into a triangle and then half into a triangle again. Cut a design out of the creased edge. Do the same design on each sheet to make it authentic — since all snowflakes have six identical sides — or get creative for your own spin on a snowflake.

Photo of paper triangles being cut

When finished, unfold each triangle until it is back in a square. Take two corners, bend them back to meet and tape them so you now have a roll. Do this with each square.

Photo of cut paper in rolls

Bring the points of each square to meet in the middle, creating a circle and a snowflake with six sides. Tape the corners together on the back and the front.

There you have a giant, three-dimensional snowflake. It’s perfect for a door wreath!

Photo of a giant snowflake on a door

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