Toilet paper tube butterfly ornaments

My fingers are stained orange like I just ate a bag of Cheetos.

At least that's what naturalist Ashley Hansen said when she looked at me.

But it was for a good cause. See, I just spent 10 minutes coloring an empty toilet paper tube orange to make a super fun Christmas tree ornament!

Photo of a butterfly ornament in a treeopens IMAGE file All you'll need is:

Toilet paper tube


Hot glue sticks and glue gun

Markers, if color is desired

First, smush your toilet paper tube down to almost flat so it's easier to cut. Cut it into six rings. The final ring, cut in half so that it's two strips instead of a ring.

opens IMAGE file

Fold each ring so that they are now ovals with pointed ends.

Photo of butterfly ornament piecesopens IMAGE file

Select what will be your butterfly's body. Glue the other four rings to the body, two on each side, as wings.

Take the two strips of cardboard and roll them up tight, then release them. They should be soft curlicues.

Photo of curly antenna made from toilet paper tubesopens IMAGE file

Glue each curlicue to the top of the butterfly body as antenna.

Photo of a non-colored butterfly ornamentopens IMAGE file

If you want to make your butterfly more intricate, use another toilet paper roll and cut it into strips. Roll those strips into curlicues, and glue those inside the wings and body of your butterfly.

Photo of two butterfly ornamentsopens IMAGE file

Use your imagination!