After Halloween, has your child been begging you to let him or her wear his or her costume again? Do they want to dress up every day?

Here’s a fun craft to make that might curb their dressing up craving — bee antenna.

Photo of headbands with pipe cleaner antenna

You’ll need:

A headband

Four pipe cleaners

Two beads

Start by taking two of the pipe cleaners and twisting them together to create a multi-colored design.

Then replicate that with the next two pipe cleaners. You should now have made your four pipe cleaners into two pipe cleaners.

Thread a bead on the end of each pipe cleaner and fold the end over so the bead is secure.

Photo of bee antenna on headband

Twist the pipe cleaner end around the headband and leave about half sticking up. Kink the end about an inch below the bead.

Repeat with the other pipe cleaner.

There you have, simple bee antenna! Have fun dressing up!

Photo of two women wearing bee antenna

Our naturalists modeling their bee antenna

And you can find out more about how important bees are and what we’re working on with our new Pollinator Paradise addition here!

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